How does this fictional group sound?

I call them the Humanocentrists

They’re a group of anthropocentric people who revered and idolized humanity. They perceive humanity as intellectually, emotionally and morally superior than that of animals or plants. Their philosophy about caring for nature and animals, is strikingly reminiscent of White Man’s Burden, and similar to that of Defending Slavery (nature is wild and violent when Humans are not around to tame it). They love art based on the Human body and the struggle of man. Humanocentrists are anti-fantasy and anti-science fiction, they have no love for dragons, deities, souls, fairies, robots, time-travel or aliens. They are hardcore realists with a utilitarian love of fact. They protest against reading/teaching children fairy tales or myths, instead they wish children to love the human anatomy and human art, about man conquering space, nature, society, medicine, philosophy, etc.

The Humanocentric beliefs range from atheistic to misotheist, mostly because they believe humans should be venerated and placed on a pedestal.

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  • Asal Cliste

    I think realistically, philosophy would be banned from their society. Why would they waste their time thinking about whether there is a god or not, whether there is right or wrong, whether they truly exist, etc. when their society seems to already have the basic guidelines set for what to believe in?

    Other than that, everything seems fine.

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