How hard is Human Anatomy class if I'm taking other hard classes?

I am going to apply to colleges after next semester. I could take east classes, but I want to show them that I can get good grades in core classes. I plan on taking human anatomy, microbiology, organic chem 2, and maybe college physics. How much time would I be dedicating to anatomy and physiology?

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  • Mσσn Bеɑnѕ™

    Human anatomy is basically a lot of memorization. For me it was easy, and for the time required – it depends on how well you can learn the names of parts of the body, where they are, and basic functions. The learning strategies might be similar to Microbiology which requires a lot of memorization also.

    That’s a full science schedule, don’t you want to give yourself a break and take something non-science related? Unless you would enjoy it, it’s up to you.

  • Gracinda

    Human anatomy: is that gross anatomy with lab? Either way,that’s a really heavy schedule there.

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