How hard is it to become a North Carolina Emt(Basic)?

How hard is the program?Do i get to learn human anatomy ?(Because i love reading my human anatomy books)What are some of the skills?

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  • There is very little anatomy to learn as an EMT. It is a simple first aid class which usually is not more than 110 – 120 hours total. The textbooks are written at the 8th grade level and it is taught to high school kids in some states so they can be certified at 16 years old. If your reading skills are not at the 8th grade level then yes the program might be a little difficult but the skills will be easy.

  • Nationwide requirements are all the same for EMT. this involves 100 hours of classroom study in the areas of
    Trauma care, Managing medical emergencies, Utilizing Basic Life Support equipment, CPR, Hemorrhage control, Fracture and spinal stabilization, Managing environmental emergencies, Emergency childbirth,and the of a semi-automatic defibrillator.
    The study of human anatomy is not required until paramedic training. You can find the requirements here

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