How harmful would it be for a baby to be born with their heart in the middle of their chest?

I’m making up a fantasy story where a couple have a child together. Because their hearts are on opposite sides, their child is born with her heart in the middle of the chest. I had the baby go into immediate surgery in the story because of her condition, said that her heart was being "squished", but would that be a real reason for the surgery? I’ve tried looking at human anatomy, but then I get confused. Can anyone suppose?

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  • gimpalomg

    The human heart is normally in the middle of the chest. At least it is close enough that it would be a distinction without a difference. That is why CPR can work. It literally compresses the heart by squeezing it between the sternum (breast bone) and the spine (back bone).

    Take a close look at a visible man or woman. It will show you what I mean.

    There is a condition where the heart is backward in the chest. It is essentially reversed. You will have to look it up but it would at least provide a plausible and researchable condition to be dealing with.

  • tim3000

    hey there
    i imagine that the beating of the heart could damage the lungs and other fragile tissues
    secondly as the child grows and develops the growing heart would put pressure upon the lungs and vice versa
    thirdly the blood vessels that feed the heart could be ruptured quite easily by the lungs and external injury since they are closer to the surface

    oh im also reminded of a condition that may aid your writing
    its called situs inversus

    heres a link
    its where the organs are opposite to normal

    good luck with the book

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