how is Human Anatomy?

How do you describe your experience in your anatomy class?

was it hard? fun? easy? overwhelming? interesting.

I find it very interesting as well as challenging. It is an easy class yet you have to study very very hard to earn an A, dont you think?
-there is a lot of memorization, which i’m good at. I always almost perfect the lab practical test. I only get one or two wrong just because i changed my first answer thinking that it was wrong, then ill get it wrong by changing the right answer into a wrong one. Ugh! lol.
but overall i learned a lot of things, i now use anatomy terms to my friends and they would go, "Huh? what in the world/ what the hell is that?"
hahaha. It is so funny how you could use the terms with your friends and family. You’ll not only appear to be smart but also to be REALLY knowledgeable in those area.
*sigh* i cant wait to take physiology class. I wonder how is that class going to be?

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  • Serena T

    I’m finishing my second Anatomy and Physiology class in two weeks.

    The Anatomy part is very easy.Like you said, it’s mostly memorization. I thought it was fun, mainly because of the models. Epiglottis is still my favorite word. 🙂

    The Physiology almost killed me. You have no idea how many steps there are BEFORE you can take a breath. My advice for that is study your butt off. You need to go over and over it before it sinks in for real.

    Best of luck!

  • Enedium

    I like the day we studied the sexual organs.

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