How is my college schedule for this semester hard or not?

I’m taking Human Anatomy with lab, Chemistry of Living Things which covers ( General Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry) along with the lab, Political Science, and Trigonometry

To let you know of the kind of student I am
I tend to procrastinate a bit but end up getting A’s and B’s in most of my classes

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  • Stephanie

    You should be ok. Anatomy and Chem are pretty difficult classes but if you work hard and study them really well you’ll do fine. I haven’t taken Chemistry yet but I’ve taken one semester of Anatomy and I was pulling a C all semester and I killed my last 3 exams and ended the class with a B. Political science is a pretty easy class, and Trig is easy if you pay attention and make sure you understand the concepts. If you don’t understand something make sure you ask for help from the teacher.

  • That’s not an exact clear question here, because you are asking something to the community that you either understand yourself or you have difficulty composing a question. Anyways, for the sake of helping, I will tell you that if you did well in chemistry last semester, and think that you have what it takes then go ahead and take it. But if you have difficulty though, get a tutor or switch into something easier.

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