How many cells does the average person generate in a given year?

I am giving a speech at my grandparents party. They are turning 90. And I thought it would be interesting to bring up certain facts about how much and how long etc. Should someone who has a degree in human anatomy or biology provide a few facts about this stuff, I will include your name in the speech which will be recorded and you will get to see yourself on youtube. Simply email me and we’ll get started. Thanks all..

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  • Square Pants

    i cant answer your question precisely.. but from what i learn, we generate our cell every single day by the process call mitosis and meiosis and we also degrade the old cell too.. this process happen every single day of our life.. and in our body, it is estimated, there is 3 billion of cells.. so, to answer your question.. we generate 3 billion cells in a day and make it 1095 billion cells a year.. (3 billion X 365)

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