how much human anatomy do you think a karate Sensei have?

I have visited many dojos, some have medical consultants other mention titles but have no backing and laughable explainations. Everyone must admit that knowing the human body is beneficial to any martial art but how much would you want someone to have who is teaching you
When I was in Japan, I noticed that one of the students was looking at an anatomy atlas (he was not a med student) I have not seen many here researching the arts like that.
The book also had tissue pictures (could not read it though)

Many books I have found on human biology in martial arts are incorrect due to a lack of knowledge in human biology such as how the body is structured (anatomy) and how it works(physiology), clinical background, or martial arts.
I did find one book from England that was was written by an orthopedic surgeons, though lost the title. something about injuries in Martial arts

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  • callsignfuzzy

    Well, I’d hope that they had all of their anatomy, but I wouldn’t discriminate if they’d had something amputated…

    OK, really, I think they should have a basic understanding of how the human body works. This is more bio-mechanics than anatomy. Ultimately the more they know, the better they’ll be able to explain how things work, but I’m not sure it’s really necessary in order to teach the basics of any given system. As long as they don’t start making stuff up if they don’t know the answer, it’s all good.

  • An understanding of sports physiology, not anatomy, is important but not the most important thing in finding an instructor.

  • Most Sensi `s will train in Anatomy and Physiology after their 4th Dan for their 5th Dan and that has to be in Japan so I think it is beneficial to all that the proper training for Sensi from Japan in Anatomy and Physiology goes back to the Teaching of their students.Don’t you? I hope this helps.

  • Aaron J

    I’ve been fortunate that the people teaching me have medical degrees, and are well versed on anatomy, if not they do have medical consultants.

    I would venture to say that depending on what they teach they should have an extensive knowledge on anatomy.

  • sennachie1973

    i agree they should have an extensive understanding if teaching combat.

  • SiFu frank

    A basic understanding of the human body is sufficient. The understanding should be equivalent to a personal fitness trainer. After all the instructor is relied on to set up work out regimens. The instructor should know CPR and have some first aid training. This is why I became a certified personal fitness trainer. Students should be able to ask and expect an educated answer about a fitness issue in regard to their training. There are no specific requirements in this regard and I would hate to see formal regulation. I think the wise student needs to educate themselves and chose a school that cares enough to have instructors that are knowledgeable.

  • shootersway

    Master ED PARKER put out a book with a doctor called "POSSIBLE RESULT OF KARATE TECHNIQUE TO THE HUMAN BODY" Don’t know if it is still in print but it was popular at one time.
    There are also books available detailing the changes to the human body and bone structure due to constant strenuous exertion .

    In digging up old battlefeilds archeologists are always able to identify the professional archers from the rest of the bones found for example.

    A degree isn’t neccesary most boxing coaches don’t have them why should sensei..
    I have found from my studies that
    1 children who do extreme stretching and flexibility excercises will suffer hip//back problems later in life some times as young as 30 yrs old.

    2 children who do hand conditioning or even a lot of bag work will suffer hand and wrist problems usually arthritis at an earlier age .

    3 muay thai and other extreme arts practioners "burn out" at a very young age if they began training as a child .

    The bony structure continues to develope until age 22 and any excessive conditioning and training alters that developement and never for the good except temporarily.That is why I always laugh when some ding dong comes on here and asks "is 16 or 18 or 22 to late to start training" .
    For your continued good health those are actually the prime ages to start training.

  • Sensei Scandal

    I don’t believe knowledge of "anatomy" is necessary as much as knowledge of Body Mechanics.

    I don’t have any such degrees but I can tell you if a technique is going to work or not by simply looking at what and how you are doing it.

    Do you have a degree of some kind,or healing modality, that makes you ask this? I’m just curious.

  • Shihan J

    it is beneficial but not necessary. knowing body mechanics is useful and much less extensive. naming every bone and muscle in the body is not necessarily. but understanding how they work (body mechanics) is more important in the arts. that and at least a basic course in cpr in case of emergency.
    i dont have any medical degree and have never taken any courses like that. the only one i have taken was several cpr classes

  • Nobunaga the Merciless

    Where my fist lands ! You do not need science to figure out what hit you after you regain conciousness !

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