How much should a 13 year old know about human anatomy and medicine?

I am 13 and I’m in a medical role play. How much should I know about human anatomy and medicine? Like names and uses if medications, cardio vascular system, All if the organs, bones, etc. what should I know? Thanks!!

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  • ↯uʍop ǝpısdn↯

    as much as you want….

  • wankerposse

    Nothing at all. All you should know is stupid TV shows and horrible pop music.

  • As much as you like. If you’re in a medical role-play then you should definitely know. If you act as a pharmacist, then you know a lot about medicine. For acting as someone else. Study him. A doctor is just a medical specialist. They don’t know everything about your body. They just know what they have been trained because they are specialized in it.

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