How old does one have to get before they realize that love/sex is only for the purpose of having kids?

I know that sounds like a drag – but after taking Human Anatomy I & II – it occurred to me that men and women are the same & sex/love is nothing more than to propagate the species – in our case human.

Jacara – truly – an intelligent person

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  • Not according to those who support abortion. Apparently in many instances, the resultant murdered fetus is the result of poor planning and a recreational event.

  • Pythagoras

    This is the politics section. Does the question have something to do with John Edwards?

  • What a dull life you will have.

  • boobs

    biologically you are correct.

  • Joe Heaton

    Oh oh – – – that’s going to be bad news for the millions of Red State Righties and ‘christian’ Conservatives who prefer homosexual sex.

    Isn’t it odd … and ironic … that ‘christian’ Conservatives in America have the HIGHEST percentage of Homosexuality compared to the general public?

    Although – like Reverend Ted Haggerd – they ‘do it’ in clandestine ways.

    Thanks for providing me the opportunity to prove what Stunning Hypocrites our American ‘christian’ Conservative HATE Church truly is.



  • Jacara

    Everything you do is for the sole purpose of passing your genes on. Its doesn’t matter, it leads back to that. Its the purpose of life.

  • out2lunch4now2

    A lot older than I am right now, I hope! If that were so, why has the human body evolved to make sex so pleasurable? Wait, I’m guessing you’re a virgin so that might be an unfair question.

  • Dangerous Mr.

    Not true
    Human sexuality is actually about using the fact that sex feels soooo good in all of it’s many forms in order to establish intiomate sexual and emotioanal bonds that keep couples together long enough to raise their kids
    There isn’t a man that is married w/ kids that doesn’t long for the days when his wife was a hot little oversexed harlot who could and would do him anytime & anywhere w/ no reason needed

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