How to become a physical therapist in the NHL?

I love human anatomy and sports. I’m currently a sophomore in college and I want to know how to get into an NHL hockey club to work as a physical therapist.


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  • graduate at the head of your class

  • Spencer

    First, you have to have a practitioner’s license. (Oh, and you’ll need good grades) After the correct schooling, find a medical office in need of a physical therapist. It doesn’t matter where, because usually the patients there have had their injuries because of sports. After years of training, you move your way up in the ranks, get a big fat salary, and finally grow the balls to consult the NHLPA. You can do this by send them an e-mail, or calling them (their number is on their site). After this, head in for you job interview, which you will be happily accepted to, kissed on the cheek(s), and allowed to work as a physical therapist in the NHL.


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