How to become an Anatomy teacher?


I am currently a senior in college. I love human anatomy. I have been teacher assisting for the past 2 semesters. I got an A in both lab and lecture.

I am currently in a crisis of not knowing what I want to do after I graduate. So I was wondering what are the requirements for being an anatomy teacher at a high school? also what is the typical income for it in the state of VA?

Can anyone break it down for me?

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  • marrich

    Ask someone in the education department on what you would need to do to get a teacher license. You will have to take the Praxis test and probably a couple other classes in order to get that. However, some counties will let you teach with just your Bacholor’s degree, as long as you are working towards your license.

    Typical starting income in VA is about 35 to 40 thousand a year, however it varies greatly, depending on where in the state you live. DC area pays more, but also cost twice as much to live.

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