I kind of want to be an actress but my mom won't deal with it because I have other passions too?

I love watching icarly!! I wish someday to be watched by millions of people. I have other passions to though like marine biology, human anatomy, writing, music (guitar), and photography. I kind of want to do a local acting thing. I am not so sure if she’s against it, or I haven’t really told her.

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  • Aldaras Wolf

    With all due respect, and # 1 and # 2 offer valid thoughts, You seem very confused at least, about what you want to do with your life. Certainly I’ll assume you are young, and those other things you mentioned, REAL "passions" or not, are all valid things to explore throughout your life.

    What REALLY confuses me is your final sentence, " I am not so sure if she’s against it, or I haven’t really told her"???
    What is it you mean???

    I’ll assume also that as a young person ( I was once) you may change your mind a dozen more times as you mature, which is OK too. I suspect there is some issue with wanting to be watched by millions? BUT that should not at all be why you should want to be in the craft.

  • If you only sorta want to be an actress, forget it. Unless it is a burning passion that consumes your every thought and action, you’ll never make it.

  • Jenna J

    If it’s not your major priority, it’s going to impossible. I’m sorry to say that, but it’s so hard to make it in the entertainment industry nowadays, even when it’s your whole life. If you wanted to do local commercials, however, that’s possible!

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