• Rocky M

    i would go with chemistry in 11th grade, because it is basic stuff that you would need to know to go further on in the medical field. Then for 12th grade, take human anatomy. Good luck!

  • Deziky

    Human Anatomy, it’s best to know how the body functions so you’ll have knowledge about that as a doctor. Besides, you can take another one in 12th grade.

  • amazinggracealive

    you should most llikely take human anatomy and chemistry

  • Advice for free

    Start with Chemistry then in the 12th get into Physics. I would wait for the Anatomy class until College because you may want to change your major and you risk the chance of being grossed out. Plus what you learn in Highschool Anatomy will not prepare you for the Medical profession its too abstract! Once you enter college the take anatomy because the college courses cove rmore then the organ, they also show you how they function and all the parts associate with each organ! Medschool Anatomy is exciting but really gross so prepare yourselff to see dead people in advance stage of rigimortis!

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