If my husband is in the Military and I am still attending college, will it be difficult for me to transfer?

I would like to become a post-secondary teacher of biology/human anatomy. I am attending a community college, right now for basics. My boyfriend is finishing up basic training and we are wanting to get engaged and married in the next 4 years, but I will still be in college. And I am wondering if it will be hard to transfer schools. And what if he is stationed overseas? Do colleges overseas transfer credits from America?

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  • Sid B

    Huge difference between boyfriend in the military and husband in the military, bigger then the gecco geko and godzillia. If you were married they would work miracles for you. They don’t do that for girl friends. If you are both sure TALK to a recruiter THEN see his CO

    Lt. SS Brechin, Canadian Armed Forces(Retd.)

    That order of doing things is very important

  • ellemarie888

    As long as colleges are accredited there usually isn’t a problem transferring credits between different institutions–including ones that are overseas. You should realize that each school will have different requirements, so all of the credits that transfer may not fullfil specific degree requirements.

    Remember that teacher certification requirments vary in different states, and you may have to take additional courses or exams in order to earn certification at different places where you take up residence. If you are looking to teach at the college level, you will be looking at earning at LEAST a master’s degree and probably a doctorate before you will be able to get a faculty position.

    As long as you research the institutions and you know exactly what you need to earn a degree, I’m sure you will find schools that will help you to meet your academic goals.

  • goicuon

    Teacher education programs typically vary greatly from school to school, because each is geared toward satisfying the teacher licensure requirements for the state that they are in. Transferring from one program to another will likely make your progress very slow, as most programs will accept your credits, but they might get counted as electives, leaving you to start over again and again.

    Institutions overseas may well take your credits from the US, but the bigger question is, would credits earned or a diploma earned overseas be recognized when you get back here? Teacher certification and licensure is different in every one of the 50 states.

    Perhaps you could do your degree major in biology, and then choose an alternative teacher certification program when you return to the US. These alternative certification programs are designed to fast track people that already have a degree into the classroom. As a person with an undergraduate degree in any science, you would be a very desirable candidate for one of these programs. Some school districts will pay for the training if you agree to work for them for a certain amount of time.

    The other thing to consider is "geobaching." In the services, this refers to being a "geographic bachelor” because you are not living together at the time. You can travel to see each other during breaks and reunite permanently after you graduate.

    A third option is to marry after you complete your degree. You really have nothing to lose by choosing this option. If your relationship does not survive the separation, it’s better to find that out now, before he gets an overseas assignment that you can’t go on (an “unaccompanied tour of duty” where families may not go). Every person needs their own education and means of support, married or not.

    Yet a fourth option is to locate a BA/BS program that will allow you to complete your program via distance learning.

    Best of luck to you.

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