If you make a skeletal system exam, and can only ask 18 questions from all the appendicular skeleton?

Which would they be? Like the ones that you think are most important. And it’s about identifying them visually.

And I don’t mean just the bone as a whole (eg.: scapula, humerus, radius, etc.), but from all their components too (eg. Scapular glenoid cavity, Ulna olecranon, trapezoid carpal, etc).
But just 18 questions total.

I’m just curious where most people believe the emphasis should be put in a beginning human anatomy course where most people probably aren’t going to go into a field where they need to know the femur’s linea aspera. No right or wrong answer here (:

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  • My experience from anatomy class is memorize it all. I generally find the wrist rather difficult but that’s just me.

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