I’m looking for the greatest human anatomy book?

as i say above, I’m looking for the greatest human anatomy book.
i’m a physical therapy major. almost nearing an end of graduation of school. anyhow, i want anyone to suggest me the one what i said.


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  • zrepmd

    Melloni’s Illustrated Review of Human Anatomy is incredibly useful as it isolates individual structures i nice colors and detail.
    Netter’s single volume Atlas of Human Anatomy is a work of art (as are all things he does).

    I must have had ten atlases in med school- these are the "go to" ones I’ve kept.

  • Eda J

    You can try Gray’s Anatomy.

  • Surface anatomy is what you are looking for probably. There are hand books of surface anatomy by different authors. .These are small books and explain how you can map internal organs on the surface of the skin anterior,posterior and laterally. You can practice mapping on a friend or volunteer. Or consult index of Gray`s anatomy and look for surface anatomy of any organ.

  • Draquias

    grays anatomy is good for simple clinical anatomy and as a reminder, but doesnt have a lot of in depth explanations or pictures. for great antomy, you can try netters atlas of anatomy which has excellent pictures or moore and dalleys clinically orientated anatomy. since you are graduating soon i dont recommend grays anatomy, although it is the better looking

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