Importance of Early Diagnosis of Chickenpox

As will all medical conditions it is important to diagnose and intervene as soon as possible as to aid the severity of the condition and to promote recovery. Early diagnosis of the chickenpox will ensure children are cared for appropriately in the right environment. Appropriate medicine and prescriptions can be accessed which will lessen the effects of chicken pox and ensure children are able to recover quickly.


Early diagnosis also reduces the spreading of chicken pox as children will be kept off school reducing the rate of chickenpox multiplying within an early years setting. This means less children off school and less children suffering the symptoms of chickenpox.


Early diagnosis also allows the early intervention of higher health care services if a child with a poor immune system, or a child with other serious medical conditions is suspected to have chickenpox/ has been in contact with the virus. This provides the best care for these children and ensures there health, safety and recovery throughout the process as they are more vulnerable.


Early diagnosis can also promote the health and well being of others especially those who are vulnerable; pregnant women, the elderly and the very ill. Early diagnosis of a person wit chickenpox protects these people as they can keep a distance from the virus and protect their own immune systems.


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