In order to live life, we have to be broken to be strong enough?

In human anatomy, when a child is within his/her mother’s womb, to begin the construction of the spinal cord, the back must be broken several times to form the vertebrae, thus forming the spine.

So that to endure, we must be broken first?

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  • bigcherrybomb

    the strongest of hearts is one that knows the pain of being broken but beats and loves openly anyway. no life is without pain and it takes courage to face every morning.

  • Paskaloth

    One cannot know true happiness without knowing despair, know pleasure without pain. It would make sense at least from a pondering sort of view that this is true of the world. Balance, in all things and all things balanced.

  • Zaphod_Beeblebrox

    As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

  • P'quaint!

    Some joints can prove to be weak links!

    So Beware!

  • daniel

    Destruction is sometimes necessary for growth.

  • KingFrog.

    I guess that’s true in the anatomical sense, but I have a feeling you mean something deeper.
    Like a metaphorical sense.

    And in a way, this is true!

    In order to know happiness, we must also know sadness.
    We have to know the opposite in order to fully know what we have.

    We have to break ourselves in order to truly know what it is like to be together in our body.
    To truly know good, you must have to have once done evil.

    Also, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger? That’s what Nietzsche said, right?

  • Julia

    The "adverse hypothesis" stipulates that complete erasure of serious adversity leads to a weak and underdeveloped person.

    "In theory" people NEED adversity, setbacks and trauma to reach the highest levels of strength, fulfilment and personal development.

    Rising to the challenge reveals your hidden abilities, and using these abilities changes your self-concept.

    What doesn’t kill you makes you STRINGER in that it makes you a SURVIVOR.

    The ability to make sense of tragedy and then find benefits in it is the key that unlocks personal growth.

  • Raine West

    Being broken by life is what teaches the lesson you would not have otherwise learned. And the endurance of that tragedy is what lets you know just how strong you really are. The you’re more prepared for the next tragedy and you know you can handle it because you’ve done it before. Embrace all the bad things in life and see them as positives, because they are what makes you wise.

    If this is true, it’s a pretty good analogy. Here’s another one: When we break a bone in our body, it heals at that break stronger than it was before. So we’re stronger at the broken places.

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