IS AP CHEM HARD??!! or should i take human anatomy?

im signed up for honors eng ap govt ap calc ab french v and ap french…and painting and then ap chem. i want to maintain a 4.0 gpa..i like chem now but i have to study…it doesnt come easy. should i avoid stressing over ap chem and take human anatomy and ap art history??? what would colleges think? i don’t wanna be too stressed so tell me how it is!! thanks!

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  • CherriesOnTop

    First Of All, You Really Have To Be a Geniune Genius To Maintain a 4.0 With Taking Honors English, AP Government, AP Calculus, and AP French. Unless, You Have Already Been Exposed To This Type of Rigor or Unless You Really Believe That You Are a Genius And Can Ace The Tests Without Cracking Open a Book, I Don’t Think That Will Happen. And To Make It Happen, It Would Be Stressful, You Would Have To Study, Study, Study, Get Rigorous Time-Consuming Homework Everyday, Etc. And You Still May Not Get an A, Becuase There Are A Lot of Hard AP Teachers Out There in High Schools Who Just Won’t Give As No Matter What. But, Hey, There are Those Who Can Handle It. But If You Have Been Taking Normal or Laid-Back GATE and Honors Classes All Your Life, Then Just Throwing All These APs In Your Face could Well Be a Big Mistake. And Especially, If You Drop Out of Any of Yoru APs, That Is a Very Dark Mark on Your Record. It Will Show Colleges You Can’t Handle Rigorous Work, Which Is BAD Since They’ll Think You’ll Fail Out of Their College, Too Which Looks BAD On Them. Lol If That Make Sense To You. But I’m Just Warning You That Taking So Many APs At Once Is Pretty Risky and Stressful. Especially, If You Participate In Extracurriculars Like Sports, and Clubs and Such.

    But Too Answer, Your Question AP Chemistry Is Harder Than Human Anatomy or Honors Human Anatomy(If Your School Offers That). You May Like Chemistry But If You Thought Chemistry Required Studying And Was Hard To Understand Wait Till You Encounter AP Chemistry. OMG. It Is One of The Most Hardest Science Classes Any High Schooler Could Take. No Exaggeration. I Probably Won’t Take It When I’m a Junior. I’ll Do AP Bio. Instead. Lol Like You Care About That. Anyways, Human Anatomy and AP Art History Are Definetly Easier Than AP Chemistry. And AP Art History Is a Pretty Interesting Subject Especially If You Are Interested In Rennaissance Art ,Etc. I Wish My High School Offered It. I Would SO Take It. And As For Colleges, It Doesn’t Really Matter If You Take AP Chem. or Human Anatomy and AP Art History. Trust Me, You Have Enough AP Classes As It Is To Impress Them(As Long You Do Well In Them Of Course) What Matters Apart From That Is Your GPA, SAT Scores, Extracurriculars, Recommendations, Application Essays And All Of That Stuff Lol. Anyways, That’s All I Have To Say I Think Good Luck =D

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