Is introduction to microbiology a very hard class? Should I take it with other science classes?

So I am starting college and trying to get into nursing, this semester I am going to take human anatomy & physiology. I was also thinking of maybe adding on introduction to microbiology with that this semester. My question though is if this would be too much? It is my first semester and I do not want to take too much but at the same time I want to get this credit out of the way. Oh also if anyone is wondering both classes do have a lab component. Thanks in advance for all help!

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  • Tolstoyevsky

    Micro wasn’t that big a deal for me. A+P 1+2 on the other hand are killers, and Pathophysiology was another one that I lost sleep over. But, the word we’re getting is that NCLEX is putting a Lot more emphasis on Pharmacology.

    To answer your question, AP 2 and Micro are something you might do next semester. But given that this is your first time, don’t do it. Let AP be the main focus of your semester.

    Something else you mentioned: You’re trying to get into nursing. Have you checked to see the requirements of getting accepted into the nursing program at your school? A lot of places are all but demanding a 4.0 across the board in pre-requisite courses. If you are at such a school, Definitely don’t overload yourself so early on the tough courses.

    Good Luck.

  • reb95135

    Hi, Anatomy is just alot of memorization, physiology is tough. These two are easier if they are combined into one class, but if they are seperate physiology is a hard class. Under no circumstances should you take all three at one time. Microbiology is the toughest class you will take to get into nursing school and requires 95% of your time for this one class. Good Luck

  • Charlie F

    Yea you will be fine i took them both together. Its alot of memorization but you will be ok and they do both have a lab just make sure to always do the hwk and look over your notes. If you stay ahead youll be absolutely fine!

  • Danny Asling

    Great to see you are considering Microbiology Chris, it is certainly one of the more interesting sciences. I would recommend you having a look at the community page on Facebook – there are hundreds of students just starting out in Microbiology. It does help to discuss with them. I’m sure you will love Microbiology.

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