Is it a good idea to start a funeral parlour?

I am chemical engineering student and about to graduate. I am also highly interested in human anatomy.

I have a dream of starting a funeral parlour . Is it a significantly profitable business and can it be started with a low capital? What are the special things that I have to learn in running a funeral parlour?

Answers from those who work in a funeral parlour or own one will be highly appreciated.

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  • megnmike2004

    You need to graduate a mortuary science program. Get licensed.
    Funeral homes are hard to run. There is a lot of overhead. You need a ton of insurance. A lot of equipment.

    It would be easier to buy a pre-existing funeral home than it would be to modify a building for it.

    You would need..
    Equipment for embalming.
    Embalming table.
    Embalming chemicals.
    Restoration tools and products.
    A cooler. And a nice sized one if you didn’t want to deal with overcrowding.
    A first call van. At least 1. So you could pick people up.
    Funeral Coaches.
    Wall art.
    A merchandise room. Casket wall, urns, markers, etc.
    Electricity. Air conditioning system. Phone service. Computers.

    This is just a quick list. But already we are into the thousands.
    The high thousands.

    And I didn’t include the emotional aspect. Not everyone can deal with death. We have a super high turnover rate. Everyone thinks they can handle it well. Over 75 percent find they cant.
    Funeral directors dont really have normal hours. They work holidays…It takes up a lot of time.
    You have to be good with people. Grieving people are unpredictable at times. It can be frustrating, heart wrenching, aggravating..sad.

    Good luck in your endeavors….do your research and start saving your money.

  • Doctor Deth

    you need to get some kind of degree or certificate or license, which entails a series of classes I believe- there are special schools for that I think

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