is it allowed to draw 'human-anatomy' in islam?

ive got art and design and one of the courses is human drawing, like serious human drawing taking ratio of shoulder and head and abs and all that. is it bad/haram/forbidden to draw exact human figures in islam.

no offense intended.
thank you.

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  • Needle

    To draw the human anatomy, u will have 2 look at a nude human. Where is the shame?
    On the day of judgement, u will be asked by God 2 put life into ur drawing, will u be able to?

  • zoltar

    I love the "no offense" bit. Afraid to be bombed or something?

    Check these ancient islamic pics of mohammed (blah)

  • BE NO

    Depends on the theological school and clerics. but most Muslims today can draw humans, but don’t put Muhammad in front of it

  • Trunki

    You are expressly forbidden to draw the Islamic penis.

  • Capres

    Islamic teaching regarding NOT ‘drawing’ human/animal serves the purpose of avoiding violation toward ‘Commandement number 2’ i.e. "You shall not make for yourself an idol".

    Islam refuses drawing/sculpturing humans to avoid doing what Catholics are doing by creating Saints/Santas/Santos that they use as ‘medium’ for particular kind of prayers.

    Islam refuses drawing/sculpturing animals to avoid what Hindus are doing with their thousands of gods in forms of some animals (cows, monkeys, snake, etc.) A Hindu friend of mine told me that they have 3,300,000 or was it 33,000,000 (she herself wasn’t sure) gods and many take forms of animals like Ganesha (elephat), Hanuman (monkey), which they pray.

    The reason for such prohibition is because naturally human has an imbeded need to ‘lean’ on something greater than themselves and hence quite vulnarable in idolizing things they saw around them.

    Therefore, it is more about avoiding idolatry.

    Meanwhile, Chinese believe that ghosts and spirits live inside pictures and statues and dolls. Room full of potraits and human statues and dolls usually feel ‘haunted’. I believe that too.

  • Jedi Master MIK

    I would think Islam would discourage in delving into art like that b/c it teaches privacy, decency, and respect of the human body. If any drawing of human anatomy was allowed, it would be for learning purposes only such as books for anatomy class and so forth.

    It doesn’t sound like you’re a Muslim so I’m guessing you ask just out of curiosity.

    I hope this addresses your question.

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