Is it common for a Marine Biology PhD to teach Human Anatomy?

My human anatomy & physiology professor has a PhD in Marine Biology. I thought professors only taught courses that were along the lines of their research interests. Am I wrong? Is this common?

I’m asking because I’m interested in becoming a professor and I’m worried about having to teach classes that have little to do with my PhD.


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  • It’s certainly not true that professors only teach classes related to their area of research. My university doesn’t have nearly enough professors or students in my field to teach anything close to my area of research. But I can teach all the classes I took as an undergrad in fields related to mine (physics and astronomy). If you get a PhD in something with ‘biology’ in the title, expect to have to teach any and all biology classes they give you.

  • Rustic B

    No. It is not common, unless your professor has a related MA degree.

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