Is it common for a Marine Biology PhD to teach Human Anatomy?

My human anatomy & physiology professor has a PhD in Marine Biology. I thought professors only taught courses that were along the lines of their research interests. Am I wrong? Is this common?

I’m asking because I’m interested in becoming a professor and I’m worried about having to teach classes that have little to do with my PhD.


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  • You would be surprised how often that happens in university. If its a first or second year course, the profs background isn’t that important, as the material is generally basic enough that anyone with a working knowledge in Biology would be able to teach.

  • its nothing like that…institute hire on the basis of their requirement…not necessary for you to be a scholar…its just that you need to have some idea of the subject…even if you dont know the subject at some places institute hire at low pay as they simply need an employ for that…

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