Is it possible to dissect a frog without the use of formaldehyde?

I plan to learn more about dissection to improve my knowledge about the human anatomy.
I read about the bad effects of being exposed to formalin ( formaldehyde ) and I am wary of taking chances.
Do you know any more preservatives that are safer to use?
Suggestions are welcome.

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  • Don’t need *any*!
    & plain old alcohol works…if you’re that slow.

  • You can use alcohol, but it will degrade the specimen if you preserve it for a long while. Rubbing alcohol is okay.

    Formaldehyde is only dangerous with prolonged contact or respiration of the fumes, for the limited time period necessary for dissection, and proper storage and handling procedures, you needn’t worry. The hype about it is mostly related to the use of formaldehyde in MDF boards, used in many kitchens, which over a long period of constant exposure, can "cause cancer".

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