Is it possible to go to school full time and work?

I’ve decided to take 12 credit hours, Ochem I&Lab, Human Anatomy&Lab, and Regional World Geography Online. I also got promoted to an assistant manager at my job which requires me to work at least 25 hours. I know I won’t have a life until school breaks, but I really need the money and don’t want to quit school.

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  • thinsilver

    If you can manage your time wisely it’s possible. Forget about sleep and having a life

  • Hopelessly_Lost

    Yes it is possible….12 credit hours are about 2 1/2 hours of classes each day on average (3 hours on one day and 2 on another)….If you like to work 6 days a week, its around 4 hours per day. So you have a maximum of 7 hours a day of school and work. Utilize the remaining 9 hours, and study for a minimum of 3-4 hours a day. Have the remaining 5 hours to yourself….Get some quality sleep on weekends and go out every Sunday or so…

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