Is it possible to revive extinct human species?

Will it be possible in the near future to produce living populations of extinct relatives of Homo Sapiens, like Neanderthalensis, Denisovans, Floriensis, and Erectus? I just wonder because I think doing so could potentially lead to stunning new discoveries in anthropology, medicine, human anatomy and evolution, as well as psychology. What do you think?

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  • Yes, not directly revive…but one might be able to arrange some genetic engineering "miracle." Yikes!!

  • A body decomposes ur heart stops working it can’t keep pumping blood 4 ever everything just turns to dust no I don’t think it’s possible no matter how fast or smart or whatever u are u can’t cheat death

  • Not possible, once the body turns to dust and bones, there is no possibility, unless you happen to find preserved remains that contain DNA, and other matter required to make a "clone".

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