Is it really necessary to take Human Anatomy & Physiology I first, to really understand II?

I’m taking Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II at the same time…is it necessary to take I to really understand II?

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  • Yes. They usually don’t let you take II until you have passed I. So, I don’t know how you got into them already.

  • Yes. Check with a counselor fast because once the school figures it out you are going to get dropped from II. That will be OK because you’d probably fail it.

  • Yeah it is, because it builds upon the topics covered from the first section, like the physiology of a part you learned in the first section, and it’s also usually more in depth

  • Sal SR

    I took A&P 1 in summer and now taking A&P 2. I realised too late, otherwise I wld take both stimultaneously since both use the same book and I study the same things; except one is about body parts and body systems, the other is about functions of these body parts and systems.

    I am a few weeks in my A&P2 and I have found studying the second time around is much easier but then It could be boring too.

    I think you have made the right choice.

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