Is this a good fall semester schedule for a college freshmen who is majoring in Biochemistry and in Pre-Med?

Comprehension & Communication I
Beginning Chinese
General College Chemistry
Chemistry Lab Seminar
Human Anatomy
Calculus I

Does that sound okay? I can change anything basically.

Thanks for you help!

You’re not allowed to take Biology until spring semester and physics isn’t until junior year.

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  • Cochise

    Instead of pre-med, see if you can get into a combined BS/MD program.

    Here is a list of available schools with the programs. Go to the one in your state if there is one and see if you can take the same freshman courses. Excel and try to transfer into the combined program.

  • clntvrrt


  • ted tron

    Where’s a Biology course and its lab?

  • ownpool

    Replace Chinese with English composition which is a requirement of almost every medical school and which can seldom be satisfied for medical school admission purposes with a 5 score on the AP test.

    Chinese also takes too much time away from science study unless you already speak and write it.

    Go to the official website of a major medical school such as UCLA and read the list of required undergraduate classes which are necessary for admission.

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