Kings College or the University of Edinburgh?

I’m about to go on a university exchange with the university of Melbourne, and I have a choice of going to either King’s or Edinburgh for a year. Using savings, scholarships and a small student loan I have got 000 for the year. Fees are paid to my home Uni. I’m studying human anatomy, but what I really want to know about is the atmosphere, nightlife, campus etc. Thanks for your help.

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  • Superdog

    Two capital cities, of course.

    London is a tourist paradise and you will find lots of things to do – for a month or so. After that, the long trek to college, the high expenses, the sheer volume of humanity, the pollution, the ‘I’m busy, leave me alone’ people may begin to wear a bit thin.

    Edinburgh, on the other hand, is small, can be cold and definitely rainy. Nevertheless, it’s a city equal to London in terms of things to do, markedly cheaper and with a welcoming population.

    All that said, hey – it’s your life.

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