microbiology, physiology, and human anatomy: which classes should i take together?

i have 3 prerequisites that have to be met before i enter a second bachelor’s program (BS in nursing). these are the 3 classes (14 cr. hours)–if i can take all 3 this fall, i can start an accelerated program this coming spring or summer. if i spread them out over 2 semesters, i will have to wait until fall 09 to begin the program, and it won’t be accelerated…would you tackle all 3 at once? i’ve been out of college for 15 years, but did well in all my science classes..zoology, organic chem, etc. i need your advice.

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  • Dr. K

    You can take micro and physio together. That’s not a problem. Human anatomy is a different story. There is too many new and unfamiliar terminology and words which practically makes it a foreign language. Depending on how the program is structured in your school, you may treat the anatomy course as if it’s a 15 credit college course or if it’s med school level, a 25 credit course.

    If money is not an issue, you could register for all 3, and if you find it too difficult, you can withdraw by the deadline without affecting your academic transcript.

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