need references for human anatomy?

I am in dire need of reference material for human anatomy. I have looked everywhere.

All I need is something to give me a representation so that I can duplicate the muscles and skeletal structure accurately.

I do not mind if they are drawn or photographed. It would be great if there were many different pics from many different angles in many different poses. any help?

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  • Cluny Brown

    Pick up a copy of the classic illustrated book "Gray’s Anatomy." This reference has been used by artists for decades.

  • kazenoarashi2001

    Any human anatomy textbook can help you there. Check out the medical section of your local bookstore. Or google it up.

  • Jack-A

    I recommend the Human Anatomy Coloring Book-yes, you can color all the different systems of the body, it’s for med students to study. You can find this book at your local bookstore (or at least at barnes and noble). I would think that any book on anatomy could help you out though, there’s a ton just in the sale section of most bookstores.

  • dread_kittie

    Gray’s Anatomy is a perennial favorite on the subject. Any human anatomy coloring book also provides a certain amount of help, but I’d flip through it before buying it to make sure it provides you with images of the human body still wearing it’s skin.

    Looking for a cheaper way out? Body building magazines. Or, any magazines really. There are also art books specifically for this purpose.

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