• nerdy girl

    Microbiology or Physiology, then Anatomy…Anatomy is fairly easy, when stuck on a test question think of the body and you can usually get the answer…micro is tough to visualize because everything is very small, and physiology is tough to know all the different processes, etc.

  • Captain Feathersword

    Microbiology,Physiology,,human anatomy

  • In my opinion:
    Human anatomy,Microbiology,Physiology

  • princess j

    physiology, microbiology, human anatomy

  • joie_du_cor

    It depends on your background, what you’re most familiar with. They’re just different areas of study, no one’s specifically "harder." Often, these areas are inter-related…

    For me: Human anatomy, physiology, microbiology.

    I’ll be going to grad school in microbiology, so…

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