Process of Referral with Chickenpox

Process of referral

Chickenpox is usually diagnosed by physical examination from its distinctive rash. Because it is so contagious and common amongst children it is not essential that a child must visit their local GP. Unless the child is suffering severe symptoms of chickenpox, pneumonitis or may be at risk of further complications e.g newborn babies, pregnant women or people with a weakened immune system, then visiting their GP would be recommended (Bupa. 2015). Parents may also be unsure if their child actually has chickenpox and so a check-up with a GP will confirm this.


A practitioner in the early years setting will suspect a child has chickenpox as they will be showing signs and symptoms; scratching a lot during the day, spots on the child’s body or a temperature/ flu like symptoms. A practitioner may then ask their colleagues for advice/ confirmation of the chickenpox before ringing the child’s parents for them to then pick the child up and take them to the doctor if necessary.


If required to do so, the child’s parent may take them to the doctor or out of hours services. This may be due to health concerns or just confirmation of chickenpox. The Doctor will be able to diagnosis the child and give advice. Through a blood test the chickenpox virus can be confirmed. If the child has serious health concerns then the GP doctor may refer them to a specialist paediatric doctor or advise the parent to take their child to A&E in which close care and attention can be given by paediatric doctors and nurses.


Children will typically recover quickly and without any health implications from chickenpox and typically will not require great medical aid. Another health profession that may be involved during the child having chickenpox may be a local pharmacist who would be able to advise or any pain relieve suitable for the child such as paracetamol, Calpol, calamIne lotion and cooling gels (NHS Choices. 2015).


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