Process of Referral

Process of referral


Once a person has been infected with the chicken pox virus, it takes between 10 -21 days before the symptoms begins to show. A practitioner in the early years setting will suspect a child has chicken pox is they have been scratching a lot during the day or they have noticed spots on the child’s leg neck or face. This is a good sign of the practitioner catching the virus early on so that more can be done to help the child recover. A practitioner will then ring the child’s parents for them to then pick the child up and take them to the doctor.

Once the parents have taken the child to the doctor, he may give the parents advice on how to relieve the symptoms of headaches, fever, feeling sick and loss of appetite with some paracetamol syrup such as Calpol. After a few days a child should begin to feel slightly better and the chicken pox spots will heal. This is a medical condition that all children un der the age of 10 will experience as a child. Once the child has had this medical condition, it is less likely they will have Chickenpox again in their life. However, if chickenpox symptoms come back later on in life it may be in the form of shingles.

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