Referral process For Type 1 Diabetes

The Process of Referral of Diabetes Type 1

In the process of the referral the first factor which would contribute to this is if you are developing any of the signs of diabetes type 1 or you witness any of the signs of diabetes on your child. If you suspect any of the sign or symptoms of diabetes type 1, book an appointment to see your GP. You are entitled to ask for a referral for specialist treatment on the NHS. However, whether you will get the referral depends on what your GP feels is clinically necessary in your case.

This is because all your medical records are held by your GP who understands your health history and treatments better than anyone. The GP can then decide whether a specialist referral is necessary and, if so, can recommend which hospitals or clinics would be appropriate to visit. Your GP is trained to detect the symptoms to diabetes and because of this he/she will be able to tell you if you need a referral.

Your GP will write a referral letter to the specialist, outlining your symptoms and investigations so far. Most doctors refer relatively close to home for patient convenience and because they know the local consultants well. Your doctor will ask you whether you wish to be referred privately or on the NHS.

Your GP should be able to give you a broad idea as to how long your referral will take. While you’re waiting for your appointment, your doctor will manage your symptoms as best they can. Should your condition worsen in that time, your doctor may try to speed up your appointment or ask for it to be changed to an urgent one. Following an outpatient appointment, the hospital doctor who saw you dictates a letter of their findings to be sent to your GP

After your GP has received the information explaining your condition they will be able to provide you with the guidelines and medication to manage your disease. They will be able to offer the answers to any questions you may have and help you in dealing with your disease. Your GP will be able to show you how to inject yourself, if that is the type of medication you are receiving and they will be any to show you as a parent how to inject your child. After this your GP will make regular appointments with you and your child to ensure everything is going to plan.

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