Should I drop my Anatomy and Physiology class and take Biology first?

Biology isn’t a prerequisite at my school for A&P…but I worry about the transfer process for my bachelors in nursing and all the other classes I have to take. Is Biology 1 absolutely necessary for understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology? Would it be a mistake not to take it?

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    in my university A&P is a required class for students hoping to get into nursing in their 2nd year but biology isn’t required for either the nursing degree or for A&P

    you could definitely do fine without taking biology. One of my friends is in her 3rd year of nursing and had to take A&P in first year (she never did ANY biology courses in high school) and she did just fine

    having said that, of course taking biology could never hurt you!

    Edit: it would be a good idea to talk to an academic advisor at your school to double check… maybe even email the A&P profs and ask them for their opinion

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    Nope, Anatomy/Physiology goes into more depth with what the human body is made up of and different functions we have. Biology does not goes in depth due to the time frame since biology is the study of ALL life.

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    First year biology focuses on cell structure and function. This is mostly stuff that you’ve learned in high school (probably) just in greater detail. If its not a pre-req for the anotomy and physiology class you’re taking, then you should be fine with the general biology you already know. They will go over basics as a review anyway.

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