Should I drop my class and take early release instead?

I’m a senior in high school taking 4 ap classes and an additional art class. I am also taking Human Anatomy and I’m wondering if I should drop that class and just opt out for early release? Almost all seniors have early release, and I really enjoy the class but with my four other ap classes I’m already overwhelmed as it is. Plus I feel like I’m missing out on a senior privilege. Should I drop or just stick with the class?

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  • if you feel overwhelmed with 4 ap classes and this, drop out. but if you really like the class but just want to drop out to get an early release, then dont. its your desision.

  • _Snoopywoops_

    Stick with the class and make a revision timetable to manage your classes, homework and revision. Another qualification won’t hurt in later life.

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