Should I take a Chemistry class before taking Human Anatomy and Physiology in college?

Is Chemistry needed in Human Anatomy and Physiology? What do you learn in Human Anatomy and Physiology?

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  • john_mixer9

    I took Biology and Chemistry my first year of university. It’s needed in Human Anatomy and Physiology and therefore you should take Chemistry first. Besides, if you are pre-med you should probably take it in your last few years of university so that all of the information is fresh in your mind before you enter medical school.

  • yes

  • Take Chemistry first. Then, when you talk about biochemical stuff in Anat and Phys it’ll make more sense. Other than that, you don’t need one to understand the other. Good luck! Both are great classes.

  • jsimpkinsv2002

    You can take Chemistry before Anatomy & Physiology in college but you actually have to take Biology before A&P,not Chemistry.If you were in High School,you would have to have taken both Biology and Chemistry before you could take Anatomy & Physiology.In A&P,you learn about the human body and what makes it work so uniquely during its lifetime.

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