Should I take Human Anatomy and Physiology or no?

I am Communication major in college, and I still need two credits of lab sciences. I want to be challenged and do something interesting, and I’m into biology and the human body, so I want to do Human Anatomy and Human Physiology as my lab sciences.

However, some of my friends think I must be insane if I try those and they keep on convincing me to back out and go for something easier like Geology or Physical Science. To me it feels like an insult because I honestly think that they don’t think I can do it. The funny thing is that some of them have took it and complain about it and some will be taking it soon (they are all nursing/biology majors), but they don’t think I should do it because they think I may not be up to it.

Should I listen to them or stick with what interests me the most?

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  • ☮ Shattered Beauty ღ

    well i am going to take that class next semester and everyone is convincing me not to! i think you should challenge yourself with it ONLy if ur up to actually doing the work. some students dont care about the class interest they just want an easy A class and anatomy is not an easy A if you dont study and pay attention. if you are taking a few hard classes maybe you should skip out on anatomy for the semester but if ur other classes arnt challenging and you will have time to study go for it!!!

    good luck 🙂

  • To be safe, I would take a different science. If you fail (not saying you will), it would hold you back from graduating. Is it really worth it? I am a nursing major, and I took both Anatomy and Physiology lecture and lab. Many people, around 30 percent of the class dropped because it was to hard. Like you, I like science, and it was easy, but A LOT of words and definition to remember. I had to learn around 100 words a week. My boyfriend took physics for his science and it was his last semester, he failed the class and had to take another science (easier one) during the summer just to graduate. Again I say be on the safe side, take an easy one.

  • Emily M

    Some people learn anatomy and physiology more easily than others. Those who have a genuine interest in the subject usually find it easier than those who are learning it just because it is required for their career.

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