Should I take human anatomy, or chemistry?

I’m a high school honors student, and I was wondering whether I should take human anatomy, or chemistry. They do not offer honors Human Anatomy, but they do offer it for Chemistry. I don’t have any medical aspirations, I just am wondering which I should take.
I have a really big penis, so I’d also like to take Human Anatomy to find out whether that is abnormal or not.
It’s really big.
And, I was thinking about taking Human Anatomy.

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  • science teacher

    Take chemistry, it is more useful. Audit human anatomy for the part you think is most interesting.

  • Chemistry

  • Sarah Townen

    i thought your question was good and valid until your ‘additional details’ comment
    then you lost me

    i would say human anatomy
    ** it’s something we all have and it’s interesting
    ** you are clearly thinking about that anyway

  • gogogirl

    1) take human anatomy. i took it when i was in high school and it was a lot of fun, dissecting animals, practicals, learning about how your body functions every single day. it’s fascinating, and the reality of it is a little scary.
    2) having taken human anatomy, your teacher will most likely not discuss penis size. besides, we didn’t do the reproductive system until the end of the course, because you know how high school students are.
    3) it’s not abnormal, don’t worry. some girl will enjoy it, i promise.

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