Starter Guide on the road to becoming a doctor?

Hello I am an ambitious 15 year old adolescent who for the past year and a half has been considering for my future becoming a doctor, over that time I have been watching medical shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, House M.D and Junior Doctors. As I watched these shows I begun to develop a keen serious enthusiasm for learning about medicine. I realise that these shows are medical dramas and they do not protray medicine in close accuracy. I therefore wish to learn about medicine and human anatomy in detail from textbooks and our reliable source material – this I feel will help me to determine if medicine is truly for me. I have begun study the textbook called "Gray’s Anatomy for students" (not the TV show) while taking notes from the chapters. My question is directed to medical students and doctors alike or anyone with medical experience : when you decide to learn about anatomy and medicine how did you begin to learn (from knowing nearly nothing) to getting into medical school – names of textbooks or other learning material will be helpful. Thank you

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