Starting to learn how to draw human anatomy/figure drawing? Tips?

So, I just entered high school in the art institute. However, we’re only starting figure drawing next year, and it’s something I really want to get better at. I’ve been practicing during the day at school (Parent-teacher conferences are tomorrow, at least I know what they’ll be saying about me) but I was wondering if there was any sort of really good website or book you guys could recommended that would help me out? 🙂
Or really, anything that you felt helped you with your art.

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  • Blue Green

    The NUMBER ONE anatomy book you should buy is Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie L. Winslow! This is an excellent anatomy book and it’s easy to understand. Gives pronunciation of anatomy words. The drawings of the bones and muscles are done well. Includes male and female figure drawings also. Every bone and muscle is covered on the body including the facial features. The section on hands and feet will have you drawing them in no time with great ease. It explains form, function, movement, proportion, light and shade on the body.

    The SECOND anatomy book you should buy is Drawing The Human Body: An Anatomical Guide by Giovanni Civardi. This book does not show the bones and muscles. This book shows surface anatomy of male and female bodies. The artist draws the human body standing still, plus bending and twisting in different ways, so you can learn how to shade the form correctly. The full body is covered including facial expressions. Each drawing has detailed information that is explained thoroughly.

    To learn figure drawing, buy the book, Drawing The Head & Figure by Jack Hamm. This is an excellent book on learning to draw the figure from head to toe. This book received alot of positive reviews on Amazon!

    You can buy all three of these books on Amazon official website.

    Google search the words, Art S. Buck Model. Click on shopping at the top to find stores that sell these male and female models. This gray manikin is anatomically correct and it can display virtually the full range of human movement. Use this manikin to practice drawing the figure from life.

  • Kelly Sabatino

    Not really sure about any books, but in my art class each day we had someone stand in some sort of position in the room and you had exactly 10 minutes to draw them from the angle you saw. It’s not detailed but after a while you get a really good feel of understanding contour and spacial relationships. It will help you get the basis of more detailed depictions of the human figure

  • Hallde

    It’s sad but true that life drawing has a snigger factor – you tell nonartists that you … tips are designed to help you make the most of your first life drawing session. … a life drawing class it is a good idea to look at human anatomy from a technical … Before you start to draw any pose, take a deep breath and a few moments to.The human figure offers every challenge one could require – line and tone, … drawing with this guide to studying and drawing the anatomy of the head and neck. … Learn how to think like a sculptor to give your figure drawings a solid … demonstrating life drawing concepts, beginning with stick figure and gestural drawing……….figure drawing classes

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