• Varun

    Prepare to only very important topics i think 5 days are enough to prepare both subjects
    i dont think online studying now is good idea prefaraly take BD chuarasia FOR Anatomy and a k jain for physology if u are in india if ur not then take greys anatomy and geitans physiology
    i had studied in this way
    if u still want an online coarse go to studentconsult.com
    any ways all the very best

  • Christian

    Hi, you can try studying, but if you can’t manage I can recommend you to check out my source. It is a video course and Human anatomy is very well explained and easy to understand…

  • marverick winslow

    hi there..

    my suggestion you can learn from here (link below) tutorial and guide provide. Hope you can enjoy. Believe me its work for me and beside you can learn more from the eBook easily.

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