Want to become a biology teacher?

I want to become a biology teacher. Here are the classes I am planning on taking in college. All of the classes that are required of me are listed (I will not post classes related to teaching). Please tell me if my electives are relevant to the average high school biology class. Most of my electives are 300-400 courses.


General Zoology, General Botany, Principles of Microbiology, Ecology, Genetics, Principles of Human Anatomy I&II, Cell Biology.


1. Evolution, Creationism, and the Nature of Science
2. Entomology
3. General Parasitology
4. Comparative Anatomy
4. Introduction to Animal Science
5. Pest Management
6. Animal Diseases & Parasites
7. The History of Science

Any classes unnecessary? Any other fields of biology that I need to take classes in?
I have also taken all of my chemistry classes, physics classes and general education courses.

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  • I think that includes everything. The standard high school biology class covers the basics of:
    – biological systems: basic human systems, comparison to other species (can link it to evolution), endocrinology, transfer of information through neurons, etc.
    – evolution: natural selection, mutation, adaptations, Hardy-Weinberg, cladograms, evolution of eukaryotes, evolution of primates, mass extinctions, etc.
    – genetics: DNA/RNA and their transcription, protein synthesis, the transfer of genetic information, mitosis/meiosis/fertilisation, genes and chromosomes, genetic variation/copying errors in DNA transcription, etc.
    – cellular processes: cell structure (plant vs. animal), photosynthesis/cellular respiration, ATP, Krebs cycle/glycolysis and the like, transport through cells, homeostasis, etc.

    And things like dynamic populations/equilibrium, food chains, and the like are included in some biology classes, while not being in others (I don’t know where in the world you are). So yeah, it seems like the courses you have there are more than enough if you plan on teaching high school. 🙂

    I would imagine that entomology, parasitology, pest management, and animal science wouldn’t really be stressed in a high school class, but that’s not to say the knowledge wouldn’t come in handy. My favourite teachers were always the ones who were able to go beyond what was in the textbook and connect what we had to learn to other fields.

  • emucompboy

    If you’re teaching high school, you won’t need all of these because they are too specialized:
    General parasitology
    Pest management
    Animal diseases & parasites

    I hope you’ve already taken your school’s freshman biology course. If not, you need that.
    You should consider taking:
    You should leaf through the evolution course’s textbook. If it does not cover Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, then you may want to consider taking a different evolution course.

    If your college offers it, then consider taking

    ==> Get yourself a copy of Campbell & Reece Biology, 7th edition or newer. It includes everything you need to know for teaching high school biology.

    You should be aware that you’re going to be teaching more than just biology. You may be tapped to teach chemistry, "science," or even physics. My 10th grade biology teacher was also the school’s soccer coach, and one of the other biology teachers was the football coach!

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