What anatomy do you think is harder to draw?

Human anatomy? Or animal anatomy?

Animal anatomy is harder to me because there is tons more to choose from. Once you get the basic human figure down, you can start drawing nearly anything (human wise, that is).

I’m just curious 🙂

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  • justme

    Human hands. I had hundreds of hand drawings just to get them right. They are the hardest for me without a doubt!Facial expressions are even easier than hands which look like no prob but still hard
    I think animals are much easier

  • lindsay

    probably animal.. we know what humans look like. it’s harder to draw something that isn’t as familiar

  • Serena T

    I agree with animal. They have so much detail that people aren’t aware of until they try drawing it. It took me a seriously long time to draw a freaking Clydesdale horse.

  • animals of course, since one you master one, there ar like 2 million more

  • Brittney R

    They’re both pretty challenging, but I’d have to say animal. It’s just so unfamiliar, and animal’s joints can bend and twist a million different ways(especially cats).

  • icelimesun

    I disagree with almost everybody. I think the human body is harder because it is probably the most familiar form. We know how to identify people by the intricacies of the body and face, so we have a larger database in our brain for human anatomy. Thus, we we have a greater understanding of what looks real and what looks awkward when we see a drawing of a person. Animals are easier because the "database" for them in our brains isn’t as large.

  • violet

    yes- hands for me too. the lines need to be only a tiny bit out and you get saussage fingers- and there are ten to muck up.
    animals are easy- rounder, somehow. dont really have a problem with them.

  • BigBoobsMcGoo

    For me, human.

    I spent my entire childhood drawing animals, and when I got serious about drawing, my favorite drawing subject didn’t suddenly change to humans. As such, I learned animal anatomy very quickly and stuck with it. About a year ago, I realized I needed to start drawing humans and it was hard – animal anatomy was so ingrained in my style that I had a hard time drawing what I see for a human. Eventually, and after much referencing and correcting, i got the basic human anatomy down. I’m still not good at drawing humans and action poses are hard, but I know enough to get by for now.

    I still prefer animals, dragons, and beasties though.

    – (Formerly)BigBoobsMcGoo

  • varnage

    for me its the human (female) chest ive spent my whole life not drawing enough girls and now im paying the price

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