What are some current events relating to health that are interesting to you?

I have to do numerous current events on health subjects for my human anatomy class, and I couldn’t really find anything. Anyone read anything interesting? No events before October of this year.

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  • PoohBearPenguin

    Really? Daily articles about Obamacare and you "can’t find anything"?

  • giginotgigi

    Obamacare is still the hottest topic.

    Luke 5
    31 Then Jesus answered, and said unto them, They that are whole, need not the Physician, but they that are sick.
    32 I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

  • Edward H

    The effects of GMO food on our health. The usefulness, positive or negative of vaccines. The lack of monitoring and safety regulation of our foods which we purchase. The continued practice of fluoridation even when we don’t want it. Finally, the deteriorating quality of our food and our diets.

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