What are some current events relating to health that are interesting to you?

I have to do numerous current events on health subjects for my human anatomy class, and I couldn’t really find anything. Anyone read anything interesting? No events before October of this year.

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  • KrishVan

    I’m an Anatomy & Physiology student as well and these are some studies that caught my attention recently:
    * High blood pressure & obesity today can affect your memory later.
    * Asthma affects the ability of women to get pregnant: A Copenhagen study.
    * Infant illnesses linked to parents refusing Vitamin K shot.
    * Adults with diabetes are 2-4 times more likely to have heart disease than adults without diabetes. Statins are being researched in this regard, as a cholesterol-reducing treatment.
    * Weight-loss surgery may reverse signs of aging (read this on NBC Health)
    * New tuberculosis test developed by the Massachusetts General Hospital detects resistant strains.
    * Rituximab: A Cancer dug found effective at killing malignant cells.

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