What are some fighting style's that uses scientific knowledge?

Meaning knowledge of human anatomy/physiology. Because I am short and thin and can really take down the big guys. Is Ji jitsu a good example

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  • Johnathan Pierson

    All of them do.
    Boxing uses an understanding of range and distance to open up an opponent for a KO.

    Karate utilizes biometric architechure for strength, joint-locking to strike vital points. As does Jujutsu.
    Judo (the more common sport variety) uses leverage and balance to throw an opponent.

    Kung Fu is no different from Karate in that regard.

    And fundamentally, that covers every art.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Every fighting style uses scientific knowledge.

  • Pressure point fighting and jujitsu, as you mentioned.

  • Jim R

    Nearly every one of them.
    All styles of karate.
    All styles of TKD.
    All Chinese styles (many based on Chinese medicine)
    Many others

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